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Let my people go

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:02:07 PM

I'm going to set my little lizard free this afternoon. I was going to do it this morning, actually, except that I forgot on the way to work. I just don't think he's happy, and I don't really see how he could be. He was all free and stuff, and then all of a sudden he was living in a glass bowl -_- *I* certainly wouldn't be happy, and I feel like an absolute schmuck keeping him all penned up. Somehow this is different from animals that were born in captivity (or from hamsters, which are extinct in the wild because they suck at keeping themselves alive) - they at least don't know anything better, so the guilt doesn't hit me as hard.

In other news, I have a lovely bruise on my wrist, and have a cold. It's just a stress cold, which I am prone to and which is completely unsurprising given the new sleep schedule and the new job, but damn it's annoying. I feel like death warmed over, which believe me is absolutely fabulous for making good first impressions.

Probably burritos for dinner, since I've been driving Dan up the wall in my search for poblanos that don't suck, and white melting cheese for the sauce. We finally hit the jackpot at Soulard farmer's market on Saturday, and now that stuff -really- needs to be used up. Yesterday I didn't feel like moving, let alone cooking or eating, so I think it'll have to be today. Either that, or I'll make up the ranchero sauce tonight and throw it in the fridge... depends entirely on how I feel. The dining hall here has potato chowder on their lunch menu today, and I'm thinking that might not hurt.

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I can has lizard!

Posted at 03 Nov 2007 01:02:13 PM

I have a new job starting on Monday! (Yes, I got the one I was talking about in my previous post. Actually, I had an offer letter (emailed copy thereof) in my inbox by that evening. Guess they wanted me, too!) I'm quite excited, and still pretty optimistic. Wish me luck!

I spent the morning making Pear Honey with BF's dad, and then perusing his grandmother's White House Cook Book, copyright 1884, copyright again 1897. Really, really amazing book... I could have looked through it all day. Things are measured in teaspoons, tablespoons, teacups and coffee cups (totally not kidding, either: "heat best apple cider to boiling and add one teacup sugar per gallon"). I only got about halfway through before it was noon already, and I had to head out to run errands.

So I don't forget - here, have the Pear Honey recipe:

Pear Honey
5 lbs ripe (or overripe) pears, peeled and food milled or diced
10 cups sugar
2 (8 1/4 oz) cans crushed pineapple

Simmer in a large pot until translucent and goopy (technical term). I think we simmered it for about half an hour, perhaps a bit more (I was absorbed in cookbookery at the time). When we canned it, it was thinner than jelly but apparently it sets up more in the jars.

Fill pint jars and can in boiling water for 5 minutes. Makes 7 pints (or really, 6 and half of one for the fridge).

So good.

Also, I can has lizard! Dan brought me home a little lizard friend yesterday. Apparently the li'l guy had been living in a pool cover, and due to the pool being closed, he was now homeless. So, he's living in a big glass tank with lizard-type toys and suchlike, and with any luck he'll do ok :) His tail is blueish violet and the rest of him is striped, which is pretty darned nifty to look at.

I'm tempted to name him Kitten, since I can't have one yet. ;) Well, technically we can, but I honestly don't know where we'd put a litter box. We've used seemingly every available square inch of floor space as it is, so deposit on the apartment or not, I think waiting 'til we're somewhere bigger may be in the cards...

I'm reading the cat mysteries by Rita Mae Brown at the moment... less frivolous than the Cat Who books, but really enjoyable and addicting.

Edit: My little lizard is a Five-lined Skink! It makes me chuckle.


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