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Meal plan, day 1.

Posted at 29 Apr 2008 10:52:28 AM

In yet another attempt to plan meals ahead of time, I have made myself a Meal Plan Template.

It has large rectangles for writing, and DON'T PANIC is written in large, friendly letters on top.

My hope is to hang a bunch of them on the fridge, and then use them. And, whenever I start to freak out about planning ahead and omg what if I don't WANT steak salad on Friday?! I should look up, and see Don't Panic, and calm down. And then cook as planned.

With any luck, this will result in 1) fewer frantic and/or aimless trips to the grocery store. 2) The actual using up of whatever meat and vegetable products I've bought in the last week, rather than having them all spoil because I forgot and made something totally different. This happens more often than I'd like to admit. Green onions and sprouts nearly going bad because I postponed my stirfry for half a week; having no use for the leftover half-box of mushrooms; throwing fish in the freezer because I meant to cook it, really I did, but somehow pork and potatoes sounded better that night ... etc.

Wish me luck!