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Posted at 06 Oct 2008 11:16:19 AM

We're back from our mini-honeymoon!

We left late Friday afternoon, after Dan was home from work, the laundry was done and Liz came by to pick up the dog. Had an easy drive down to the lake, and found the resort without too much trouble.

Mostly we relaxed -- did some shopping on Saturday at the outlet mall for KitchenAid toys and a shiny new handbag for me, played a round of mini golf in which we both lost horribly but him slightly less so than me, ate out a bit, and hung out in our room. I got a manicure & pedicure at the spa, which surprisingly enough has lasted at least 'til today. Another 24 hours or so and it'll win the prize for most persistent manicure I've ever had ;-)

There was a tiny black kitten hanging around the restaurant we chose for dinner on Saturday. Poor little guy seemed to be hated by the staff, and was shy as anything... there wasn't any practical way that we could have rescued him, what with being in a hotel and the long car ride, but I still wish there had been.

We stopped at St James Winery on the way back up for a quick tour and tasting. In addition to grape-derived beverages, they make some really fantastic fruit wines; we picked up an "assortment". *grin*

I got what might loosely be termed a head start on the dog bed project - I'm going to have to rip out most if not all of the seams I did last night, but now I have a better idea of how things are going to have to go together. And I think I may need to pick up a yard or so of some heavier fleece to use for the outer layer... the red that I was planning to use is maybe pillowcase weight at best, and I don't think that just the sherpa wool alone is going to be warm enough for the li'l guy.

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Horror stories

Posted at 28 Jul 2008 10:24:43 AM

As Dan walked out the door this morning, he sang cheerfully.

Ordinarily, this would be fine and dandy.

But this morning, what he sang was:


You heard me.

(I suppose it's too early to ask for a divorce?)

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We have a house!

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:55:45 AM

We've called the parents already about this, so it's free game for the rest of the world: We've got a house! Finally.

Granted, we only went out looking for 2 weekends; the second time we'd dropped the price range in which we were searching, and that yielded the one we've got. The sellers didn't negotiate at all; it'd been on the market for almost 10 months and we think they really wanted to get out. Honestly, I could blabber on about it for awhile, but it seems sort of silly to. Right now I'm just smothered under the weight of the idea of packing all my books up again...sigh. Plus, it's a really crappy tornado-warning sort of day, and I'm feeling depressed and blah. Going on for paragraphs about wall colors and kitchen tiling doesn't seem to fit the mood. Suffice to say, we're happy with it, and glad to be getting out of apartment living.

I got my ring rhodium-plated yesterday, and it looks stunning. Since plating is a temporary solution at best, we're looking into getting a replica of it cast in white gold, when I get my wedding ring made. I talked with a jeweler yesterday and was incredibly impressed by both his work and his ideas for the wedding ring, so I'm considering that checked off the ToDo list.

What a year, hmm? I keep waiting to feel nervous, penned-in and uncomfortable, and it's not happened yet. I'm halfway between really believing that everything is good, and mentally waiting for the mythical Other Shoe to drop. Dan and I were talking about it last night, as a matter of fact... the consensus is that we're pretty stable people who have a good talent for talking things out before they become a problem, and we have a total incapacity to stay upset with the other person for more than 45 minutes or so. Those being the case, the likelihood of a mental switch flipping, thus making us both casually miserable as a matter of routine, is really low and only thing that'll cure this feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop is Time. Of which we've got a lot.

Iowa this weekend; we've got a new niece as of sometime last evening (well, almost 'we') so we're going up on Thursday after work and coming back Saturday afternoon. I have to work (Superbowl) Sunday morning; with any luck nothing will break too badly and we'll be able to crash at someone's house to enjoy the game.

zomg, GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Say it with me now: "Awwwwww"

Posted at 16 Jan 2008 08:46:36 PM

This is how sweet Dan is:

Yes. That is an entire pizza, with nothing but extra sauce. I love my boy. :D

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Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:55:28 AM

I'm writing this up now because quite honestly, I can't sit on it any longer before I explode: There's a lovely ring which Dan's father gave to his mother when he (Dan) was born, which is now my engagement ring.

Assuming that I'm coherent enough to type, yes, you read that right.

I have absolutely no idea what I've done to deserve being this happy. And a little terrified, but in a good way (if that makes any sense (gods, I am incoherent)), and to be honest any emotion which isn't "happy" is going to be put on a shelf for me to deal with later.

Holy shit.



This just came up on my Pandora channel, and I think it describes the situation perfectly:

"I am lucky; so much luckier than I ever thought I'd be."
-- Conjure One - Extraordinary Way.

In other news, because clearly I'm capable of writing up a rational post: Christmas with Dan's family was wonderful, even if I'm still single-handedly funding Kleenex corp. (I should buy stock). I'm -feeling- better, at least. I got both magnetic spice jars AND a mixer, and am in kitchen heaven. One word: MARSHMALLOWS. The truffles came out about as good as I could have hoped, and the raspberry ones were by far the best of the bunch. I'm foisting everything which wasn't eaten this weekend off on people at work, and by the look of things I shouldn't have to bring any of 'em home!

Good thing, too, because the kitchen table is literally covered with goodies from various aunts, uncles and grandparents. COVERED. This is why people gain 10 pounds over the holidays!

I am getting absolutely nothing accomplished today.

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2 o'clock, and allllll's welllllllll!

Posted at 06 Aug 2007 11:49:50 AM

I made it into town about 2pm yesterday (well, 1pm local time, and I swear I will adjust to that at some point), after driving all night and being unable to find a hotel AT ALL and generally being unshowered and cranky. Dan, dear that he is, didn't mind a bit. And I admit after getting here and getting unpacked, uncramped and generally as hugged and kissed as anyone could be, the world started to look quite a bit brighter.


The apartment's great - living room, bedroom, spare bedroom/office-y type place, bathroom and kitchen instead of shoeboxed-sized hole in the wall - yay! Most of my furniture is still en route (or given to a very appreciative handful of chinese kids from the apartments downstairs), but Dan's is here and I do think that everything will fit without too much of a fuss. There's less counter space in the kitchen, esp. once a microwave is occupying a not-insignificant chunk of it, but there's a whole table in it now, so really I don't have any complaints.

(Ok, one - the septic system in the front yard apparently decided to collapse yesterday, so everyone in the building is sharing the bathroom of an open apartment in the building next door. It brings a remarkable feeling of dorm life to the whole situation, which oddly enough I don't mind but which isn't really helping the feeling of impermanence which I think I ramble about later on. (Chronologically-written, this ain't.))

I don't have a desk yet, and since I'm only going to have one this time 'round (instead of 3, which really was a little absurd unless you're me and don't mind falling over furniture), it's going to be a decent-sized one. The couch has got to go in the office here too, so space is a bit limited that way, but even though I rehomed/threw out something like 5 desktops, 2 CRTs and a few old laptops I still have (pause for counting...) 3 desktops, 2 LCDs and a CRT, and the laptop. Pretty sure that the rose computer and its CRT are still going to live on the floor. Nevertheless, space is definitely still called for...!

Just noticed that the boy has a printer for his computer. Glee! This means that if necessary I can get stuff printed, but that *I* don't actually have to fuss with the dratted thing. Printers hate me, and I enthusiastically return the sentiment.

Mental note to actually get wireless working on that rose computer. God, I suck at networking sometimes.

Mental note #2 to set up the wireless router after posting this.

We did some basic grocery and appliance shopping yesterday, and the next few days will probably yield a decent ToDo list as well. I have to keep remembering that I'm not just visiting, which is trickier than it sounds. We went out to dinner with Dan's parents last night, and I can't get it through my head that we'll probably see them some time this week again - I'm so used to having to cram everything into a couple of days and then it's over that the realization that this won't end is occupying more brain power than it probably should. Even though I looked around my bare apartment, waved goodbye and locked the door for the last time, it still feels like I can go home, if that makes sense. Intellectually yes, this is home, and I like it - it's just ... a weird mindfuck for awhile. Which luckily Dan, as he's moved more than I have, is understanding about as well.

Plus, none of my stuff is here, and since home tends to be where your stuff is, I think technically home's probably in the middle of Ohio at the moment. I hope they can get a hotel... ;-)

I don't really have terribly much to do at the moment, either, which is a little odd. I could continue playing WoW for days straight (about 3 days before I moved, interspersed with last-minute packing and endless trips to the dumpster, but my wrists are about ready to mutiny as it is. This morning I stayed in bed until really early, but which felt like about 10am to my still east coast-centered body, got up, had a bagel (glee) and read The Nine Tailors until I got restless again.

People think that not having a job is great, and really it is, for about half a week. Then you're just bored to tears... Desk. I seriously need a desk. I'm off to Staples.com - my cell number will be the same, as far as I'm planning at the moment. My server's down for the time being as well, if anyone cares.

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Setting a date, and a weekend in Lake George

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:54:35 AM

Well, I'm a sucker. I let myself get talked into staying at work here for most of a week after I wanted to be gone. My (official?) end date here is now the 26th, which pushes my move out to the beginning of August. I should know, as I just got off the phone with the movers, whom I have booked to be there the 1st of August. Woo!

My manager did have a good suggestion, which is to start packing the shit I don't need up now, and just let the boxes pile up in the meantime. I know it sounds like not the biggest revelation, but I was thinking that I'd just finish work, and then I would start packing. Phase A, Phase B.

Still going to make an effort to get to Sterling RenFaire with Victoria from work, and maybe a couple of friends of hers too. This weekend's out owing to car trouble, but next or maybe even the 28th are still in the running. Whichever weekend I'm not there I'd like to be in Lake George again. My manager's suggestion is looking better and better...

About this weekend -- Dan ended up getting here half a day early, due to a snafu with a surprise visit and JFK's traffic control. Instead of 2:30 on Friday afternoon when I expected him, or 8pm on Thursday night when he was trying to get here, he got here at 1am on Friday morning. Which was lovely, actually, since had he arrived on Thursday evening I would have been totally unshowered, sitting in my PJs on my couch, sewing like a tailor. So, I appreciated the warning, even if it was "Honey, I'm stuck in JFK and they just canceled my flight to Binghamton. Can you come meet me in Syracuse? And oh, er, surprise!" (It was cute, it really was, and the drive was totally worth the extra day we had. :))

We had a good weekend doing the 'Meet the Parents' rounds and hanging out at the lake. We had dinner with Mom and Gene in Athens on Friday on our way up, and did all the obligatory Lake George things once there... breakfast 10am, strolling down Canada Street, R. J. Annie's (which has moved buildings! *gasp), avoiding the very crowded and tourist-filled beach (kind of sadly, for me - it was hot out!), seeing the Hyde Collection, taking a boat ride, etc. It was good :)

We weren't able to meet up with Dan (brother) during the weekend, but honestly it would have been a long drive for him for the sake of a few hours here. Either we'll get out for Thanksgiving/Christmas/whenever and hang out then, or maybe he can accumulate some frequent flier miles and get out to StL before the baseball season ends. No matter what, we'll figure it out!

Got back home early on Sunday evening. Made dinner (chicken and shiitake risotto and sautéed snow peas in almond oil, during which I learned to like mushrooms a little more. Cool!), and hung out on the couch watching TV and later Boondock Saints... slept in, grabbed food at Friendly's and headed up to the airport on Monday afternoon. Another month or so and I'll be in St Louis, and then we'll see where that goes, hmm?

This would probably be a better-written post if I wasn't brought low by my damned back and neck. Ya'll are lucky that you just get to read this once in awhile and not hear me complain about it on a nearly-daily basis, but my back is screwed up. And it really hurts. The problem is, it's not that sharp, cracking pain which forces one to see a doctor, it's that low, throbbing, you-can-feel-each-individual-tight-muscle kind of pain which just sits there and hurts, and makes you think that really, the time is coming when I really ought to see a masseuse or chiropractor or both. The combination of sleeping differently on a different bed than normal, combined with a lot of driving (even if Dan was a sweetheart and drove most of the way back to Binghamton) means that right now my spine would dearly adore to peel out of my body and spend the rest of its days in ergonomic comfort on some sandy beach. Sigh. Ow. WTB [Ibuprofen] (or even better, WTB [Cyclobenzaprine]).

And that's all she wrote. Probably Kara tonight (it's Tuesday, isn't it?) and for pity's sake I need to finish rewriting those commenting scripts. God, I'm lazy.

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Happy Birthday to me?

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:54:22 AM

My ToDo list includes an update here, so here goes :-)

Dan's flight got into BGM at midnight on Thursday. I had Friday and Monday off, so we had a really nice long weekend. Hung out on Friday, mostly just enjoying each other's company. It was incredibly good to be with him again...a month and a half is just too long, it really is! We did go out for breakfast (around noon ;) ) and then headed out to see Shrek 3. I was incredibly impressed, personally - they made it all the way through a trilogy without being corny or cliched, and honestly lately that's quite the achievement.

Saturday we got up late, threw some stuff in a bag and went up to Ithaca. We hiked along the Buttermilk Falls trail, to the swimming hole and back (which was /gorgeous/, and we had a great day for it. Could have been sunnier, from Dan's St Louis perspective, but from mine it was plenty sunny enough!) Wound up with an extra hour or two, so we went and knocked around the Commons. Did a little shopping - I found books and a big gingerbread cookie, and Dan found a pair of sandals that he's been needing but probably wasn't actually going to get around to buying anytime soon, heh. We left about half an hour earlier than planned, which was probably good seeing as my directions consisted largely of "Get from the Commons to Route 81" and the big road atlas that Uncle Mike gave me last time I was in Maryland. I will say this - however bad my sense of direction is (mental note #57283: Get a GPS!), Dan is equally good at keeping me calm and un-panicky.

The ball game was a lot of fun - hamburgers and fries and beer for all! Syracuse won the game, came back from being 2 down in the bottom of the 9th. Durham had 4 errors by the end of the game - they just couldn't keep the ball in the glove. The poor Syracuse center fielder took a header into the field-level scoreboard, knocked out a half-dozen international league scores and himself; finally got taken off the field in an ambulance after about 20 minutes. I checked the Sky Chief's website earlier yesterday and they didn't have any notices up or anything, so I assume he was ok. In any case, happy winning ball game birthday to me :)

Came home on Sunday afternoon, knocked around the apartment for a bit and then swung by the grocery store on the way to Frosty and Kristen's for dinner. I volunteered to cook penne ala vodka, which came out well although it could have been considerably more spicy. I blame the heinous death sauce that I was fool enough to try half an hour before taste-testing the sauce... kind of burned out my taste buds!

We didn't do a whole lot on Monday... I was working on my computer and trying really hard not to think about the fact that he'd be gone in a few hours. Got to the airport a little before 5 for his 5:30 flight... I fell apart in the car after he'd gone. Things like this are why I keep a box of kleenex in there... Stopped by Friendly's on the way home on the theory that a Reeses Pieces and vanilla ice cream were an absolute goddamn necessity at that moment. Went through some more tissues that night when my pillows still smelled like him... Was kind of expecting that.

I spent some not-inconsiderable time putting 2 shiny new 500gb drives in my computer, and transferring all of my file structures over onto them. Had a lot of running about trying to get it to boot, and it still doesn't do it smoothly - for some reason I have to F11 into the boot menu and manually choose the master hdd before it'll kick off lilo. Heavens only know why. It was great up until this afternoon, when the whole system was frozen after I got home from work... I just rebooted it now, and 5 minutes later it froze again. Grrrr >_< It's not overheating, as the whole thing got a good ol'fashioned canned-air cleaning out while I was playing around with the hardware.
I have a sinking feeling that it's a bad hard drive, and if so I will be PISSED.

I took down the About Me... page, and put up the little blurb box there on the left. I think it's easier. Simpler, and less expostulatory. Also, expostulatory is a lot of fun to say!

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Soliloquy v. 3

Posted at 15 May 2007 07:07:24 PM

Well, something's different around here... :)

I really, really like it. A lot, actually. Most of it got done in about a 16-hour period over Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (spent 5 hours on Saturday afternoon copying recipes into my book, which I'd really wanted to get done as well). I didn't really even plan to do the whole thing then, I just ... ran across that bleeding heart image, loved it, and the rest kind of wrote itself...which was truly amazing to feel.

The overlapping boxes here took the most time, but the neat part is now that I've done it once, I could probably repeat it seventeen different ways without breaking a sweat.

Also, the tags system works now -- both the links from each entry, plus those from the box over there on the right. I've really wanted to get that done for the longest time now, so that's incredibly gratifying.

And hey - there are comments in my source code now! Accurate ones! *grin*

In non-websitey news, Dan will be here at midnight on Thursday, and I absolutely cannot wait. It will be better than I can possibly express to see him, and I know for a fact that 4 days won't be long enough, but we'll make the best of them. I'm hoping to head up to Ithaca, knock around the gorges for a day or so, catch a ball game in Syracuse on Saturday, come home on Sunday and hang out at Frosty's for Sunday night dinner. Friday and Monday are ours :)

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Everything changes

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:54:03 AM

Wow, I'm dizzy.

Not sure if this is from the fact that I lost the little padding thing from one of my iPod earbuds so they're kind of unbalanced right now, or from the fact that I either have allergies or a cold right now, but I really do feel like my desk, monitor, chair and all are tilting about 33degrees downward right now...

Seriously, the room is spinning. This can't be good.

My weekend in St Louis last week was amazing. I met Dan's parents for the first time, who are incredibly nice people and even (!) apparently like me. This is definitely a good thing :) Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day - almost 80 degrees, but with a really nice breeze and thankfully I'd thought to bring my light wraparound skirt and sandals. That being the case, the two of us wandered down to the banks of the river and around by the Arch - I'd never been before, so check that off the ol' life list. There's a little museum under it, too, filled with a lot of pioneer and Lewis and Clark artifacts, and to me at least that is always awesome.

In the category of other 'first times', I have now had both frozen custard and gooey butter cake, and I'm happy to report that both are absolutely fantastic (you have to taste the latter to believe it, I know)!

Work is surviving... I'm more or less up to speed now and at a point where I'm getting things accomplished, which is good. The busier I am, the better it is. Less time to think, that way.

Got word on Wednesday that Tim took his job offer from North Carolina, which (from my personal point of view) is both fantastic and sucks. Fantastic for him, because it sounds like it's a really good job, and it's out of this depressed area. Sucks for me, because that pretty much eliminates the last really good friend that I have in this area. And staying around purely because of a job that I'm still not at all fond of, especially when I have friends and someone whom I love elsewhere... Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So although it's not like I have -plans- to move yet, I consider this more or less the last nail in the coffin of my -intent- to move.

I'm trying not to think about everything that'll be changing when I finally do... I know that it has to happen eventually, if for no other reason than that I don't want to be in this area for the rest of my life and therefore I will, at some point move. Losing relatively quick access to home, Dad, Lake George, Amy, the city... even if I don't take advantage of all of those things all the time, it's nice to know they're there, you know?

(The Cure's To Wish Impossible Things just came up on my iPod, and the combination of that and my gloomy thoughts are making me tear up at work. Fantastic.)

And all of those things still will be there for me, there's just a plane trip in the middle now. I need to remember that.

Party tonight for Tim @ Frosty's... a wake, technically, I guess... the guest of honor's probably showing up in a suit, not that that would be all that different from any other random time that he feels like dressing up ;), they procured the coffin from the Finegan's Wake that was held on St Pat's day down at Flashbacks, we're hanging black draping over the house, etc... and apparently a notice was sent out to the STYP mailing list, which is kind of the Bingoland equivalent of being slashdotted. My only fear is the knowledge that I'm already an emotional wreck, and that I do goodbyes badly at the best of times.

Made myself a big pasta salad last night... red onions and bell peppers roasted in some balsamic and oil, cherry tomatoes, garlic, oil and vinegar (with basil, oregano, savory, s&p). Something was still missing though, definitely. It wasn't thick enough somehow...I still can't really figure out what it is. And I've got kind of a plan for something next week which requires me to figure it out pdq. (Emeril's Herb Vinaigrette is kind of what I'm basing my desires for consistency off of, and it uses high fructose corn syrup as, presumably, an emusifier. I am -not- doing that...for pity's sake, I have standards.) Here's a thought - wonder whether I can roast the garlic and then blend that up in the dressing to help thicken it...oooh. Any thoughts? :)

Going to go pick up my crap that I just sent to the printer, and see whether the hallways are spinning around me too.

ETA: the_reader? I am beyond hooked on that Corporeal Halo remix. Just thought I'd let you know!


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