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New family member

Posted at 19 Aug 2008 12:50:07 PM

Meet the new member of the family!

This is Ouizer at the shelter (his official mugshot, if you will):

More crappy cameraphone pictures* below the cut:

( Click for the rest )

Mollie and he have ... eh, we're not to Neutral yet, but as of last night I think we were out of Hated, mostly through Hostile, bordering on Unfriendly. They're both home alone today; no doggie door yet, so Ouizer is penned in the kitchen and Mollie has her usual run of the house. The current challenge is that the puppy always wants to play, and unsurprisingly the cat really doesn't. He's taken a couple of swipes across the nose, but nothing really serious yet... They're both about 5-6 months old so I think once they get used to each other they'll be alright.

Giving me hope is that I've noticed she's pretty curious about him when he's being quiet, and when they're both out in the yard and she's chasing him she'll stay within inches of his heels but never quite catch him. When he's chasing her, he's running flat-out and she's staying ahead of him easily by a couple of feet. This leads me to conclude that they're just testing each other: if she really wanted to catch him, she could.

They're wearing each other out, though. They both come in panting and start to take turns annoying the piss out of each other. The cat wants to sleep, and the dog will start poking and barking... then that one wants to sleep, appropriates the cat's bed to do it, and the cat starts to haunt the couch arm above the bed like a little furry vulture. It's enough to drive you up the wall!

*I'd have more (and better) pictures, except my camera is out of batteries and all the rechargables have been claimed by Wii controllers, so you're stuck with what the cameraphone could grab. Sorry for the quality!

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A fun-filled weekend of suck.

Posted at 09 Oct 2008 02:42:11 PM

I need to vent a bit. So, a list:

Ways in Which Today Sucks

  • Gave the cat a bath last night (bad enough). Made the mistake of attempting to blow-dry her off, at which point she used my hand and wrist as a launching pad. FUCKING OW.
  • Slept like crap last night due to my hand being comparable to coleslaw-ready cabbage.
  • We're getting the puppy from petfinder.com. This is, by itself, adorable news. However -
  • I have no idea how to deal with a puppy. Really, no clue. I wasn't anticipating having to find out quite so quickly, either, or under such busy circumstances.
  • Semi-unexpectedly, we have to attend a funeral on Monday of next week, and do travel/wake-type things on Sunday. This means two things:

    • We have to pick up the puppy on Saturday, as Sunday is now out.
    • We'll have to bring the puppy with us, which means finding a pet-friendly hotel.
    • It probably does not mean that the next few nights will be filled with calm, unbroken sleep.
    • Puppy on Saturday means no eagerly-anticipated RenFaire. Bloody hell.

  • I really loathe funerals. A lot.
  • My desktop computer died last night. Probably permanently- I am hoping it's the motherboard, not the hard drives. Please, if you're a god and there's internet in whatever sort of existence you inhabit, thus enabling you to be reading this: let it not be the hard drives.
  • Verizon seems to think it's funny to keep charging my HSBC account even after I've switched which account it uses. It even kept charging after I turned off auto-bill pay entirely. This is about as not-amusing as it comes, as I can't close out that account until they stop charging shit to it! The bank is being awesome and waiving the $35 overdraft fees, but damn, I really want that account closed so this can't keep happening.
  • Yeast infection. 'nuff said.

Have been looking into Dell XPSs (no comments on the irony of the Homebrew Zealot looking at prebuilts, please - I'm beating myself up enough as it is). Nice-looking, but more expensive than I really want to seriously contemplate right now. Can I just say that responsibility SUCKS, and I hate not having spare cash?

All I want to do is go home and sleep, and there are two and a half hours left here. :(


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