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Posted at 26 Jun 2010 11:46:29 AM

Is anyone else confused by Worldwide Knit in Public Day?

It's a concept which sounds so straight forward and yet is so mind boggling. For one thing, almost all of the cherished traditions of knitting and other fiberworking - just within my limited experience there's Fair Isle, Shetland/Orenburg/Estonian lace, Latvian mittens, Gansey sweaters, Peruvian spindling - come from countries where knitting was a household activity if not actively taught in school and performed daily for income. I cannot possibly believe that worldwide, it's necessary to demonstrate that knitting is a normal hobby.

They know already.

So, if we rename it to "American Knit in Public Day" ... It still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. We don't have a "Hunt in Public Day" or a "Make Miniature Railroad Cars in Public Day" (to my knowledge at least). What, exactly, are we trying to prove by taking this particular hobby to the streets?

If you want to dispell the myth that only grandmothers knit, try taking your crafting with you all the time. You'll reach a lot more people that way, and do it more subtly and effectively than a whole bunch of people having a knit-in on a subway or public landmark. That just comes off like LARPers do: "Oh hey, a whole bunch of people being weird in a group" rather than what I think is the intended effect: "Hey, someone doing something which is clearly a normal activity for them."

But hey, what do I know about making statements? I knit and spin every day in the lunchroom at my office, in line at the grocery store and in the waiting room at the optometrist's. Making a deliberate trip somewhere else to sit with strangers and do exactly what I would have been doing where I was doesn't make much sense.

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Catching up

Posted at 10 Nov 2009 02:31:22 PM

The gang's all here - we got my brother moved into an apartment a couple of hours south of St Louis last week. I use "we" loosely -- our part consisted mostly of spare furniture transport.

While Mom was here the four of us took a trip down to Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston (yes, home of the throwed rolls). The rolls were as airborne as advertised, and absolutely delicious. I don't know why they bother having you order sides with your meal; waiters come around every couple of minutes with pots filled with various other sides that the chefs apparently just felt like making, so we got a taste of everything!
Final review: A+, would definitely go again.

I was taking a vague look at Penguicon this coming year; it both looks like something I'd be interested in and something that may not be worth the trip. Halp D:

The project that the Ravelry Heirloom Knitting group has been working on - have I mentioned this before? - is nearing completion. "Nearing" is a sort of relative word, as large parts of it remain to be done, but it's at least at a point where those not spending all their time trying to chart the border corner can cast on for the middle section.

So I have. 271 stitch provisional cast on in laceweight and gossamer: hear me roar!

This officially means that I have two giant lace shawls in the works, and one thankfully not at all complicated sweater. It's amazing; the gossamer that I'm using for Queen Susan is so fine that when I switch back to the laceweight cashwool for Snowflakes in Cedarwoods it feels like I'm knitting sock yarn... >_> Trouble with these shawls is that both are of the type which require concentration and long spans of time in which to work on them, or I get something like half a row done which doesn't feel at all productive.

And what with Dragon Age Origins*, and Torchlight**, and Real Life***, I don't really HAVE long spans of time to work on anything. Aaagh.

Contemplating a trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival next year. I could probably stay with some family in the area, and there are highly tentative plans from said HK group to have a mini meet up at the festival. I think it would be fun :D

And maybe next year I could actually go to Rhinebeck!

* Excellent game.
** VERY Excellent game. Nowhere near as srs bzns as DAO, and quite a bit more addictive.
*** Always excellent :-)

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A short ETA

Posted at 12 May 2009 09:25:49 AM

The Colinette Jitterbug that would have been Nebulas is now becoming Maebys.

I don't have the 20 years handy that I think it would take me to knit the Nebulas, and how the test knitters did it in one week I will never know. Too much damn fiddly k1tbl and "cable 1 in back, but knit it from the back loop, and then purl the next one, or maybe you could purl it and then knit it tbl off the cable needle, or maybe you'd like these other half-dozen ways to move two tiny stitches around while you spend two entire socks never looking up from the charts because repetition is for losers."

Screw that. Pretty, but not worth it. Enjoying Maeby so much more.

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And get me another cappucino while you're at it

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:58:40 AM

I am feeling decidedly witchy today. Not bitchy, necessarily, but close. More like... black clothes, black eyeliner, red lipstick, pentacle, hair kept in chignon-y place with my new hairsticks -- the ones with black cats on them.

Today is a don't-fuck-with-me-day.

It stormed last night. Rarely have I heard a storm that violent - I'm almost surprised that my garden made it through. I haven't checked, actually -- for all I know, it didn't. Heavens know the lettuce could do with some pruning, so maybe it's all to the good. However - between being woken up by crashes of thunder we had the cat alternately squeeking and sleeping on my arm, and the puppy alternately whining or squirming around when Dan relented and brought him in to sleep with us.

Sleep was not on his list of things to do, and he made sure that it wasn't going to be on ours, either.

On the list of shiny things -- I picked up my new computer last night, and had a start at setting it up. All looks well, if you discount my boneheadedness in choosing a motherboard with only one IDE slot >_< (This is fine for the built-in hardware, but my plan had been to chuck the 160gb SATA drive that the setup came with, and use my two 500gb IDE hdds instead. This is foiled by only having one extra IDE connector: the second one on the DVD drive's cable.) My choices appear to be:
1. Get an IDE -> SATA adapter. From the reviews on tigerdirect and newegg, these things are finicky at BEST.
2. Use the SATA drive for my mp3s - I was only using 120gb of the 500gb drive anyway - and hook my main 500gb to the second IDE channel and set the system to boot off of it.

Option 2 is the one we'll be going with for now. Ultimately I'd like to have my terabyte of hdd space back, so I'll be upgrading the pansy 160gb SATA to a 500 at some point in the future. But for now, this should work out alright.

(Anyone want a 500gb EIDE drive?)

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A fun-filled weekend of suck.

Posted at 09 Oct 2008 02:42:11 PM

I need to vent a bit. So, a list:

Ways in Which Today Sucks

  • Gave the cat a bath last night (bad enough). Made the mistake of attempting to blow-dry her off, at which point she used my hand and wrist as a launching pad. FUCKING OW.
  • Slept like crap last night due to my hand being comparable to coleslaw-ready cabbage.
  • We're getting the puppy from petfinder.com. This is, by itself, adorable news. However -
  • I have no idea how to deal with a puppy. Really, no clue. I wasn't anticipating having to find out quite so quickly, either, or under such busy circumstances.
  • Semi-unexpectedly, we have to attend a funeral on Monday of next week, and do travel/wake-type things on Sunday. This means two things:

    • We have to pick up the puppy on Saturday, as Sunday is now out.
    • We'll have to bring the puppy with us, which means finding a pet-friendly hotel.
    • It probably does not mean that the next few nights will be filled with calm, unbroken sleep.
    • Puppy on Saturday means no eagerly-anticipated RenFaire. Bloody hell.

  • I really loathe funerals. A lot.
  • My desktop computer died last night. Probably permanently- I am hoping it's the motherboard, not the hard drives. Please, if you're a god and there's internet in whatever sort of existence you inhabit, thus enabling you to be reading this: let it not be the hard drives.
  • Verizon seems to think it's funny to keep charging my HSBC account even after I've switched which account it uses. It even kept charging after I turned off auto-bill pay entirely. This is about as not-amusing as it comes, as I can't close out that account until they stop charging shit to it! The bank is being awesome and waiving the $35 overdraft fees, but damn, I really want that account closed so this can't keep happening.
  • Yeast infection. 'nuff said.

Have been looking into Dell XPSs (no comments on the irony of the Homebrew Zealot looking at prebuilts, please - I'm beating myself up enough as it is). Nice-looking, but more expensive than I really want to seriously contemplate right now. Can I just say that responsibility SUCKS, and I hate not having spare cash?

All I want to do is go home and sleep, and there are two and a half hours left here. :(

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RenFaire, May 31st. Yes/No/Maybe?

Posted at 28 Jul 2008 10:26:41 AM

Could someone please rationalize for me why my crazy--ass self is rabidly anti-wedding registry, but totally ok with Amazon wishlists? Because it's eluding me.

(I think there's something in the fact that I don't go around handing out my Amazon list; it's mostly there because I have a memory like a sieve and if it wasn't for that and my thinkgeek wishlist I'd never get anything done. Also, there's an expectation which surrounds registries that this shit will be bought for you... and I object rather strongly to the idea that I need or want to have things bought for me. One makes me sound useless and lazy, and the other greedy. Thanks all the same, but no.)

So far, the Meal Plan on the Fridge routine seems to be working well. There's a relief that I don't have to spontaneously figure something out at 3pm every day which is wholly unexpected, but very welcome. It's nice to know that all I have to do is go shopping for a meal which (due to some level of preapproval) has a quite good chance of being well-received, instead of "fret for hours, produce dinner idea from my ass, hope that it's a good one, then go purchase ingredients which may or may not be appreciated."

For people interested in going to StL Ren Faire!

This is an open invitation - if you think it sounds nifty (and it is) shoot me an email. I'll try to keep a mass email going re: plans.

The website's here, at StLRenFaire.com. It runs from May 17th to June 8th.

How does Saturday, May 31st sound to everyone?

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3-D animated Star Wars?

Posted at 14 Apr 2008 03:51:04 PM


Audio-wise, I think I'd like it... if it weren't for the visuals. Dear gods, has Lucas lost what was left of his mind?!

Animated Clone Wars were ok, but this... as one commenter succintly put it, "This looks like Star Wars meets Veggietales."

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Of permanent structures and finances

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:56:05 AM

There were some exciting happenings this weekend. Mom was in town, Dan's parents were in town, Dan's grandfather was briefly in town. First and foremost, however, is that we signed on our house on Friday! There was some discussion initially about who was paying the bulk of the closing costs (the sellers were, but the closing company/bank had some things in the wrong columns and it all went to confusion for a couple of hours), but it got sorted out to our satisfaction - and we've not heard anything to the contrary, so I assume that it's to the sellers' satisfaction, too. We have a debt house!

*cue triumphant music*

Dan's planning to move boxes of stuff over during the week, and we'll gather together friends who have trucks (and some who don't), bribe them with Buffalo Wild Wings and beer, and move all the heavy furniture on Saturday. With any luck we'll get everything done that day. The cable is being transferred to the house on Friday, so as far as I'm concerned, we'd better be moved in on Saturday ;-) The place really is ready to move in; although there are projects that we can work on when we like (painting the kitchen wall, replacing the shower stall in the bathroom, removing the window from the bathroom and putting in an overhead fan, remodeling the kitchen, building a deck out back) all of that can happen when we find the time and money over the next few years. The majority of the paint is totally fine, all of the rooms are finished, there's no damage which needs repairing, and the plumbing works.

It's hard to explain why I'm not over the moon about finally Having A House, but I suppose (like the wedding) it's not something which I ever envisioned actually doing, so there's no grand fantasy being fulfilled here. It's just that we need to get out of the apartment, we really could use more space, and it just seems like this odd sort of natural progression. It feels like buying a new car not because I WANT a shiny new car, but because my old car has broken down irreparably and I need to get to work the next day.

It's a permanent investment which comes with a fairly heavy obligation. There's no turning back from this point onwards, &c. I mean, we can't just decide that we don't like it here anymore and leave. Hell, *I* can't decide that I don't like it anymore. Even though I don't feel that it's a thing which I'm likely to decide... I keep sort of expecting myself to flip out and run away, and the fact that I haven't feels remarkably unlike myself. I still don't think that I'm used to being happy. This is slightly more of a personal crisis than this paragraph is able to adequately express.

... brb, there are some Thin Mints girl scout cookies calling my name.

Ok, back. Even I can see that I'm whining. I apologize to anyone who made it this far! I'm going to shut up and try to get some of my less lackwitted bugs done.

(Oh! Happy Fun Times: I have a new phone! It is made of awesome.)

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Bacana - A Brazilian Steakhouse

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:02:35 PM

Last night Dan and I went out for a bit. I needed new shoes (I'm finally retiring the ankle boots that I've had since middle school - all together now, "Yay!"), he needed printer ink for the copious paperwork this house purchase seems to require, and hey, getting out of the house for any reason is a Good Thing.

So, driving to the mall we saw Chili's. Said "Hey, Chili's! That's a possibility.." Across the way from Chili's was a restaurant neither of us had noticed before: something called Bacana: Brazilian Steakhouse. We looked at each other. We thought "Hmm.. never seen that before, but steak is tasty." Long story short, we decided to try something new and check it out.

The review in two words: Amazing. And also, Amazing.

The concept is simple: on your table is a little round card. One side says "Yes", one side says "No." As long as the "Yes" side is face-up, servers with various types of meat on skewers come around to your table and ask whether you'd like some. You get a little pair of tongs with your fork and steak knife, so they carve off a slice of whatever-it-is and you take it with your tongs and move it to your plate. This goes on for as long as you can stuff food into yourself: it's a flat $30 price tag for the salad bar, food, and dessert.

Almost everything is cooked rotisserie-style in small portions, with each portion being just a few bites' worth. This means that you can effectively try everything in the place before you get full. Then, of course, you can flip your card to "No," enjoy your iced tea and wait for your stomach to settle before flipping it back to "Yes" ;)

Among the standouts that I can remember: Chicken wrapped in bacon. Beef tenderloin (oh my god). Pork tenderloin. Beef brisket with this amazingly salty crust - I could have gnawed on that forever. Chicken wings. Salmon. Shrimp. Did I mention the tenderloin? We didn't try the flank steak because by that point we were stuffed, but it did look darn tasty.

Somehow we found the room to stop at Oberweis on the way home for an ice cream and game of chess, while running outside every few minutes to watch the Lunar Eclipse.

It was an impromptu, highly excellent night.

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Holiday spirit

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:55:21 AM

Thank you, deltatango95. As it turns out, you did indeed give me your cold. :p

god, someone bring me dayquil.

Two things are bugging me today. 1. Every person in my office is complaining about how much they "have" to spend on christmas presents. Does anyone else see anything wrong with that statement? Solution: Don't buy so much damn shit.. 2. Much as I loathe moving, I really can't wait until we start looking for houses. I like the apartment, yes, but the neighbors are pains in my fucking ass. Dan can't seem to resist getting into shit, either. I appreciate the fact that "It's 1:30 in the morning, my girlfriend's sick in bed, stop slamming the hood of your car every 15 seconds," but seriously. I was sound asleep until the shouting started.


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