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How to make a perfect afternoon

Posted at 08 Jun 2007 05:42:25 PM

How to make a perfect afternoon:

1. Leave work.
2. Procure the following: Frozen whole strawberries, frozen whole pineapple, 6oz cans of pineapple juice, blender, 500gb hard drive, DVD containing Jeeves and Wooster.
3. mv 1_cup_pineapple, 1_cup_strawberries, 1_can_juice, 3_ice cubes blender
4. Release frustrations accumulated prior to step 1 upon the poor defenseless frozen berries.
5. Pour the resulting mixture into a pretty purple insultated mug (exact color is not necessary, but do give it a try if you can). Add a bendy straw.
6. Enjoy the closest thing to ambrosia this poor benighted world will ever see. Best while installing a new hard drive and watching Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry capering around after porcelain cow creamers.


ETA: This is the reason that I love Nigella Lawson so. The woman can cook, no doubt about it, and on top of it all she's just so darned human and normal that one can't help but admire her.


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