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A pattern has been located!

Posted at 26 Aug 2008 10:32:16 AM

Last night, while watching (semi-appropriately) Robin Hood: Men in Tights, I dug through my fabric tote and turned up the next winning pattern. I'd forgotten I had this, to be perfectly honest with you, and I have no idea where I got it.

Probably Ebay.

This is the best link I can find in 20 seconds: McCall's 4107: Renaissance Bodice(s)

I'm thinking of making A, without the lace-up sides and I'll probably lace the back in ribbon instead of cord. Still need to locate fabric for the sides and back, but probably black something or other. The fabric I want to use for the middle contrast section is this (warning: big cameraphone picture). It's actually left over from my bedroom curtains back in Binghamton, if anyone remembers those -- a reasonably heavy, shimmery red fabric that doesn't flash gold or silver like most metallic-threaded fabrics do; instead, it shimmers black. Really badass fabric - I wish I had more left over than the yard or so that I do.

The potentially tricky part is to procure the semi-necessary yard and a half of boning.

Also tricky is losing the 4" at my waist that will be necessary for my peace of mind, my wedding dress and the bodice, but let's not dwell on that.

(By the by - the skirt that was mentioned yesterday? I took a look at it last night, and if it were shorter I think I'd like it better. It's foot-wide strips of dark and light purple satin, and as an ankle-length skirt it's just too much. It's consigned to the scrap bag until further notice or resurrection as a pillow cover.)

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Back to ... reality?

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:58:34 AM

We're back - had a great time seeing everyone and doing everything. :)

I have nifty presents from Lake George for other people, and nifty hairsticks and chainmail chokers from the renfaire for me.

Also a rather large case of apathy - really, I ought to learn to take off the day after vacation, too. Although with the cat and the dog, the house isn't exactly 'quiet time' anymore, either*.

In a nutshell:
Wandered Manhattan and saw Amy and Mike's new house (shiny!). Drove up with Mom and hiked around North Lake and Kaaterskill Falls. Ate a large quantity of wild blueberries. Spent a couple of days at the lake, took boat rides, went for aimless drives, wandered around Prospect Mountain. Watched Laura, which I'd been meaning to see for years (excellent movie). Drove to vkrafft's and went to Sterling Renfaire. Ate salt potatoes and steak-on-a-stake, saw jousting, disobedient red-tailed hawks, a sword swallower and an ironic circus-performer's balancing act. Caught the plane home on Sunday.

Flights were on time. Got a ride home from the airport.Kevin took spectacular care of the house, so we didn't have a mess or anything to deal with. Put stuff away. Hooked up the new** TV. Realized that the impending destruction of the old entertainment center meant "What do we do with the DVDs?!" Went to Best Bai Buy and picked up a black & stainless steel wire contraption which promises to hold something like 360 DVDs. Assembled it. Sorted DVDs. Filled contraption: I blame the VCR tapes. Had ravioli on the couch. Slept.

Bowling tonight -- wish me luck!

* I used to be able to put them both outside. Have I mentioned Ouiser's recently-acquired trick of sneaking under the chain link fence into the neighbor's yard? He's very proud of it: I think he can do it in 2.5 seconds flat. So, 'til we get that fixed he's not allowed outside unless on a leash.

** It doesn't work, yet. The appointment with the repair guy is this afternoon, and he promises that he can fix it. I still maintain that 56" is WAY too f**king large for our little living room and consequently looks completely absurd, but... gift horse, mouth, etc.

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RenFaire, May 31st. Yes/No/Maybe?

Posted at 28 Jul 2008 10:26:41 AM

Could someone please rationalize for me why my crazy--ass self is rabidly anti-wedding registry, but totally ok with Amazon wishlists? Because it's eluding me.

(I think there's something in the fact that I don't go around handing out my Amazon list; it's mostly there because I have a memory like a sieve and if it wasn't for that and my thinkgeek wishlist I'd never get anything done. Also, there's an expectation which surrounds registries that this shit will be bought for you... and I object rather strongly to the idea that I need or want to have things bought for me. One makes me sound useless and lazy, and the other greedy. Thanks all the same, but no.)

So far, the Meal Plan on the Fridge routine seems to be working well. There's a relief that I don't have to spontaneously figure something out at 3pm every day which is wholly unexpected, but very welcome. It's nice to know that all I have to do is go shopping for a meal which (due to some level of preapproval) has a quite good chance of being well-received, instead of "fret for hours, produce dinner idea from my ass, hope that it's a good one, then go purchase ingredients which may or may not be appreciated."

For people interested in going to StL Ren Faire!

This is an open invitation - if you think it sounds nifty (and it is) shoot me an email. I'll try to keep a mass email going re: plans.

The website's here, at StLRenFaire.com. It runs from May 17th to June 8th.

How does Saturday, May 31st sound to everyone?

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It's done!

Posted at 28 Jul 2010 10:23:45 PM

My cloak is finally done! After a truly embarrassing amount of time, but nonetheless, I'm declaring it done and hanging it in the closet. And if I do say so myself, it's darned awesome.

Pictures for those interested are being the cut -- I didn't bother to resize them or anything, so be patient while they load. Also, they break my formatting something fierce.

( Click for the rest )

I can't wait for it to snow!

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RenFaire pictures

Posted at 17 Jul 2007 12:35:53 AM

RenFaire pictures are up! The directory's here, and they're not nice and pretty or anything because that would involve work. ;-)

Luckily the ones of me in Steve's chainmail are blurry. Enjoy!

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Sterling RenFaire 2007 recap

Posted at 16 Jul 2007 11:56:16 AM

This weekend was dedicated to the Sterling Renaissance Faire. I slept a little, spent a lot, and have some great pictures and memories to show for it.

I headed out the door on what was still technically Saturday morning, armed with a brand-new GPS, directions to vkrafft's and an overnight bag. Got to Vic's house without a problem (which is more a tribute to her directions than my navigational skill, I assure you), threw my stuff in her car and we were off to pick up another friend. After a brief stop at her aunt's for cookies and gardening, the three of us hopped back in the car and were on our way to Rochester.

Met up with willworker, chowed down on some Indian food at a pretty decent restaurant, and hung out the rest of the night playing Wii. It's the oddest feeling, being around girls who are just as geeky as I am! Very laid-back, very cool, thoroughly enjoyable. I got to play with willworker's adorable baby corn snake, too, who has a medical-y name that I can't pronounce and who therefore got called mostly "Snake". I really want one now.. >_> We slept, really we did, and getting up on Sunday at 8am somehow didn't feel like a problem. The fact that his VCR - the only thing within no-contacts visible range of me - seemed to report the time as closer to 9:30 may have helped!

Due to some miracle of getting out of the house and hardly any traffic, and we got to the faire at 10am, just as it was opening. wore a very nifty chainmail shirt and coif, and Adri was in full getup. I was silly and left my ren faire garb at home, so and I were comfy in floofy skirts and tank tops :D This actually came in handy... the man in the leather shop needed hardly to open his mouth to talk us into trading our normal tank tops for gorgeous leather bodices that lace up the front and back. I'm such a sucker for the feeling of being laced into something! Mine's a dark emerald green, hers is black, and pictures will be forthcoming :)

All told I made out with a couple of chainmail chokers, one plain, one dressy; a beautiful pentagram pendant; a henna tattoo which I adore and will probably have re-done in a couple weeks when it starts to fade; 4 sets of hair sticks and my vest. Luckily the hand-blown glass place only had one of the green cracked glass tankard that I was coveting, or I probably would have made away with two of those as well! So much fun. So bad for my bank account. Totally worth it.

We saw both jousts, some musical and comedic acts, sat far enough back for the mud show that our clothes were safe, and indulged in much faire food. No turkey leg, but oh those salt potatoes...! (Oh, that Santraginean seawater, it says. Oh, those Santraginean fish!) The weather was perfect, with no sign of the threatened thundershowers. No humidity to speak of, warm in the sun, and cool in the shade -- a bonus for those of us encased in metal. I'm only slightly sunburned, which is the way things really should be: if you don't come back from a day spent completely outside with burned shoulders at the very least, you're doing it wrong.

We took off right before the final pubsing, trying to escape before most of the maddening hordes. Plus, by that point it was 7pm, and the siren's call of work the next morning was getting harder to deny.

It was a fabulous day, and a great weekend with some new friends. Must repeat next year!


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