I'm Laura. I am a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, a seamstress, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic. She/her.


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Laptop musings

Posted at 27 Nov 2006 02:38:44 PM

This, ladies and gentlemen, is about as sexy as it gets.

Ohhh, yeaaaaaaaaah, baby! :D

(No, I'm not getting it yet. Yet. Possibly sometime around the new year though, I'm thinking? *grin*)

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The Night Khadgar Went Down: An Illustrated Story

Posted at 02 Dec 2008 01:51:01 PM

Tonight may have been one of the most spontaneously fun nights that I've had in World of Warcraft, and I really want to write it down before I forget any of it. And because I am a screenshot junkie, this will be an illustrated story.


We begin.

It's Friday night, 11pm, and we're in Molten Core as scheduled. We got maybe a half a dozen trash mobs in, when people start having serious lag issues - and not just us, as /1 came alive with "iz anyone lse lagged?!" chat. Half of us are DC'ing, some of the rest are frozen in place, and the rest of us are largely oblivious and continue to kill trash.

Eventually, however, people start to get kicked in a way which suggests that the server means business...

We had a few disconnects.

We screwed around for awhile, waiting for people to come back on.
They didn't.

We tried to zone out.
We couldn't.

Party in the instance portal!

So a few people made some macros - just to while away the time, you understand.

All your macros are belong to KotW.

Sarisa was curious to see whether gkicking still worked (it's not like anything else did at this point).

And after spamming /gremove Trider for a couple of minutes --

It worked! Poor Trider...

After 10 or 15 minutes of this, the server FINALLY goes down. And it goes down hard - there's about 20 other world servers that are down as well, and Blizz has no EST besides a quick "We'll update you in half an hour." This is depressing, but we're screwing around on Vent and generally having a good time. Then - someone raises the possibility of everyone rolling alts on a server which is up, and having a ... *drumroll please!* ... 40man level 1 Hogger raid!


There was a theoretical prize for having the best character name, which created some truly spontaneous choices. I don't remember everyone's alternate-universe names, but those that I do are Tagdizzle (Tag), Myserverdied (Aly), Dahoggertank (Phrodoh), and Joemamma (TheFudge) :D I rolled up male, and so became Falsedawnian (A.K.A. The Conqueror of Darkshire). I can't remember everyone else who wasn't obviously named.. :(

Some of us gained a level or two. Others just went straight down towards our archnemesis, the nefarious Hogger.

A-hunting we will go....

The fun beginneth.

And the fun continueth!

Pulling a whole camp? Such a bad idea. Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Wait, did that rabbit just aggro Grimmler?)

All is fun and games until someone pulls a level 10. Oh no!

/mourn... He was The Boar of Death.

Eventually, we got bored of dying and headed on up to Stormwind. This was not to beg for money.

This is largely unsuccessful, so we begin to duel each other.

Someone has the brilliant idea to start a guild!. Naming debates rage, and eventually, the winner emerges:

*evil grin* Having /g means that you have promotions. Promotions are fuuuuuuuuuun!

Eventually, even dueling gets tiresome, and Khadgar is showing absolutely no signs of coming back to life anytime soon. People start logging off, but I have something that I want to accomplish before I do that.

At my current PvP-flagged level 2, I solemnly vow that I will see Darkshire.

So I swam down the river, dodged the Killer Murlocs and Even-More-Killer Wolves, and got myself eaten a couple of times along the way. Eventually I was bound to die close enough that I'd rez at the Darkshire graveyard. And I did!

Doing a little victory dance.

Hmmm..as long as I'm here...

Just your friendly neighborhood level 2, saying hello to Stalvan Mistmantle. Wow, that ghoul looks mighty hungry!

I had a blast; the whole evening was a lot of fun (probably moreso than doing MC would have been, honestly, although I would have liked to see Rag down). Random spontaneous fun with a bunch of friends is always amazing, and there was quite a bit of real-life LOL'ing. We've still got time to get Rags & Co. tomorrow night after Ony, though. It's only Friday, and we're getting really good at one- (or two!)shotting her.

However, it's now 3:30am, and due to pager duty I have to be up at 7. Goodnight world.

(Note: We never did kill Hogger. Oh well...there's always next time!)


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Teh sexxay desktop

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:01:14 PM

I up and ordered WindowBlinds for real today :) I like it too much to go back to crappy ol' Explorer, even if it is just my work laptop. Hells, at this point, I'm wondering whether I can get my litestep theme ported back to linux for whenever I get a laptop of my own!

So anyhow, here's my UI as it is currently:

Sexy, no?

I got approval to take the first RedHat developer's training course this August. Of course, I need to be in the office to fill out the paperwork associated with getting Ensco to pay for it, and since my car's still borked and it seems determined to rain every day this week, I can't do that.

I'm aiming to get my car fixed tomorrow. Which means yuk...another day at home. I'm really suffering for lack of human interaction at this point, but at least after it's fixed it will be _fixed_. Which reminds me, I need to call Tony's and see whether they're the place that I actually need to take it to in the first place.

*goes to do that*

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Litestep desktop

Posted at 19 Apr 2006 01:52:01 PM

I finally got around to installing a Windows desktop manager that doesn't suck: LiteStep! Currently I'm using the Clear theme, and enjoying it very much. I made a few modifications to its theme.rc file, to handle better wrapping of the taskbar and non-squishing of the tray.

It's quite pretty, and eliminates such annoyances as desktop icons and the start button. You still have access to all of your menus (plus a couple of extra handy ones) through a right-click on the desktop (which is how things should be ;-) )

Here's a screenshot of what I've got currently, if you're curious: .
The wallpaper is gleaned from my new favorite site, Almost Smart.


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