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Wedding recap - it's done!

Posted at 29 Sep 2008 11:35:10 AM

I'm sitting here at my computer, looking at my wedding ring, and it seems barely real.

I'm happy, and yet vaguely spinny. "Surreal" describes my feelings precisely. I haven't changed, but somehow everything has changed around me and I can't seem to take it all in yet. Even though I knew that 'nothing' would change physically, I think I may have still expected something? Like a switch in my head would go from 'not married' to 'married' or something like that. "Not done" to "done." It doesn't seem to have happened, and it's partially that which is leaving me thinking "ok...now what?"

Even though I feel fairly normal (not about to burst into tears at a moment's notice or anything like that), I'm glad to have today off. I am thinking that this is why most couples take off on a honeymoon soon after the wedding: you need some time to reabsorb what in the heck is going on around you, and recover your equilibrium a bit!

The day itself went perfectly - we had amazing weather, all of our friends, and excellent (if quantitatively overestimated) food. Many, many thanks to our parents, siblings, Timm, Liz and Brian for all their help - the day went smoothly only because of all of their help!

The pictures are slowly trickling in, and I'm hoping to have them up in some sort of public gallery before too long.

'Til then, I'm going to play WoW in my PJs, eat leftovers (oh, the leftovers!) and write copious thank-you notes.

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Posted at 27 Sep 2008 09:18:09 AM

Shindig today!

I'm leaving here in 15 minutes to go get my hair done, and hopefully coming back in time to get my dress on. If not, I'll have to have my hairdresser help me with it (heh).

I think everything's done. Whatever isn't mustn't matter much, anyhow.

Trying very hard not to stress. There's excitement in here somewhere - but mostly, stress.

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Wedding checklist, redux

Posted at 24 Sep 2008 10:46:17 AM

This is the part where hopefully, everything on here is checked off.

( Click for the rest )

Cool. Good 'nuff!

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The End of an Era

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:59:20 AM

What a hectic day.

Spent an agonizing evening tearing apart the house, looking for paperwork we thought we needed to get a marriage license. Went to bed at half past twelve, concluding that if we don't have it and we have to get stuff special-ordered and overnighted here, at least Missouri's done away with the 3-day waiting period. Had unsettling dreams all night.

Called the courthouse this morning and found out that we didn't need it after all.

Some internal stuff at work went all 'splodey and needed to be fixed this morning, except that I also had to run out and meet Dan at the courthouse to pick up the license. Was planning on being there at 12; got a call from him saying "I'm here, where are you?" at 11. Turns out I'd misheard him during our phone call. We got it done and it's the last "big" piece of the puzzle, but I still feel like a bundle of exposed nerve endings. Now I understand why newlywed brides always say "the best piece of advice I can give you is: let it go." My ToDo list for this shindig doesn't feel like it's getting any smaller, no matter what I get accomplished. I realize that not one task is so important or earthshaking that it warrants these panic attacks or dream-filled nights of 'sleep', but somehow they all just pile up and I feel like I'm scrambling to keep my head above water.

That being the case, I am not emotionally equipped to deal with this today. (Mirrored here in case the BBC eventually takes it down.) It's a bit hard to explain how I could be in tears over a baseball stadium, but the photos of Babe Ruth's daughter and of Mariano Rivera scooping up a container of infield dirt sends me right off the deep end. I understand why it's happening, and Yankee Stadium certainly isn't the first - the Cards just got a new stadium, and you can still see the lot where the old one used to be - but I'm just not okay at all.

Fif messaged me last night to see whether I was watching ESPN - apparently they were broadcasting the last game. While I appreciate the heads' up and I'm happy the Yanks won, there's just no way I could have been clinical enough to watch it.

In good news, I took a ride out to Lone Elk and verified that we should probably have enough seating and parking space for everyone. The weather report looks good so far and if all of you who are reading this could do the occasional anti-rain dance, we should be set.

BPAL update coming soon-ish.

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Luau Day experiment

Posted at 17 Sep 2008 03:27:31 PM

Five stars to this recipe for Key Lime Bars (or Squares, for those of us not in Minnesota). I made a double-batch last night for Luau Day at work, and from what I may have licked off the spatula, they are amazing. A couple of random annotations, as noted in the original recipe on Martha's site --

* 23 key limes for 2/3 cups juice? Are they looking at them, poking 'em with a stick to get a few drops out, then throwing them away? You've got to be kidding me.
* In any case, it's tough to get key limes in Missouri in September, so I used bottled key lime juice. Each bottle had ~1/2 cup in them, and as a commenter had mentioned that they were a bit over-the-top with the full 2/3 cup called for, I used only 1 full cup for the double batch.
* I -wish- they made springform square pans.
* I also should try to remember that just because my mother has an armful of niftily-shaped spatulas, I do not also have the same resources. Hooray for lifting tiny custardy squares out of a 9x9 with a bread knife?

Original recipe is under the cut --

( Click for the rest )

In other news, we're gearing up for the wedding. I'm SO FAR BEYOND the "I wish it was over" stage, but despite that things are coming together. We've got clothes (well, I do... still no idea what Dan'll be wearing). We have my ring, and his is en route. We have an officiant, we have food, we have guests. It's a party!

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The nerves are setting in

Posted at 04 Sep 2008 10:40:17 AM

With the calendar now showing September, it's starting to sink in: I'm getting married this month.

How very... bizarre.

Purely mundane matters are mostly in hand -- we've got the location, my ring is finished and I picked it up last week, Dan's has been ordered, my dress is hemmed and hanging in the closet, the food is ordered. Invites have been sent and more RSVPs are arriving every day. We'll have to pick up some of the food, plates, etc a day or so before, and with Mom's help we'll make the cakes on Friday. I'm still not convinced that we won't need a chest freezer rather soon after the shindig, because we will have quite a bit of extra food, but I'm not going to stress over it if I don't have to. Everyone'll be over for UFC this Saturday, so we can take care of the officiant's ordination then.

Honestly, I can't think of anything that we haven't taken care of. Is there anything it sounds like I'm forgetting?

Had a good three-day weekend. We picked up a new desk for Dan (at long last!) and it looks fantastic. We had a shot at putting cable into the back bedroom, but were foiled by firestops in every single wall, damnit. We don't have a long enough drill to take care of it ourselves, so it looks like that projects is postponed yet again.

I started work on my bodice, and aside from a hiccup that made it necessary to lengthen the pattern by 2" all 'round, did quite well on it. The mockup fits well, the lining is done, the boning is in and the top layer is cut. I probably could have finished it yesterday, but the 3/8 yard of heavy fusible interfacing specified by the pattern didn't come CLOSE to being enough (aaargh). It's pricey but a good heavy weight, so it looks like another trip to Jackman's fabric will be happening on my lunch break.

Joann's had a spectacular sale on Vogue patterns for Labor Day - everything, even the $20 and $25 patterns, was on sale for $3.99. I raided their bin while waiting for chinese takeout on Friday, and got what -may- be a good lead on a fishtail skirt. Patterns for that sort of skirt are few and far between, and it's driving me up the wall! I want one rather badly to wear with my green corset, and apparently I'm the only one!

Having rather a home-decorating love affair with CB2. I want one of each of these rather badly, and this is amazing. I have Dan's blessing to get one for the bathroom, so now that gives me a rather good head start on the theme it'll be. I'm not quarreling with the dark green paint*, but the square silver towel bars are a) cheap and b) falling off. I'm thinking now of replacing them with fixtures like this - something square and wrought-iron.

*Ok, maybe I quarrel a bit with the sloppy edging at the ceiling. Not enough that I'm willing to fix it just yet, though - if and when are redo the whole room, I'll get up on a ladder.

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Wedding + Pointfest

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:58:13 AM

Friend's wedding was Saturday. Wedding went off with only a minor hitch (one of the groommen's mothers had a small accident), and then we went home to kill five and a half hours (I kid you not) before the reception.

The wedding reaffirmed our decision not to do the thing formally, that's for sure... at least it was short and absolutely textbook. Reception was fine (equally textbook), except for the occasional screwups re: very drunk bridal party*, feedback-prone sound system, video projector and a craptastic DJ. But hey! At the end of the day, they're still married. And at this moment, probably on a honeymoon on some very correct (per textbook) hot beach.

*apparently this is par for the course? as nobody seemed in the least surprised or upset.

Reception went 'til midnight, when we went home and collapsed.

Sunday was Pointfest. We had no idea that a schedule of the bands was available ahead of time (it sure wasn't on the Point's website) so we got there about 2 hours before the good acts started playing. Met up with Brian, Quin, Drew, Pat and some other people we saw briefly during the day... saw some good acts, and it was pretty cool overall. Had a raging headache and ohgod sunburn by the end of the day, though... through the SPF 45, too! Sitting here at my desk looking (and feeling) rather like boiled lobster is not my idea of an awesome Monday.

Bowling starts tonight with a short 'welcome' meeting @ 6:30. The teams are 4-player co-ed, so Dan and I aren't sure who else we'll have.

Desperately cranky and want to be home with icepacks on my face and shoulders. That's all for now.

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RenFaire, May 31st. Yes/No/Maybe?

Posted at 28 Jul 2008 10:26:41 AM

Could someone please rationalize for me why my crazy--ass self is rabidly anti-wedding registry, but totally ok with Amazon wishlists? Because it's eluding me.

(I think there's something in the fact that I don't go around handing out my Amazon list; it's mostly there because I have a memory like a sieve and if it wasn't for that and my thinkgeek wishlist I'd never get anything done. Also, there's an expectation which surrounds registries that this shit will be bought for you... and I object rather strongly to the idea that I need or want to have things bought for me. One makes me sound useless and lazy, and the other greedy. Thanks all the same, but no.)

So far, the Meal Plan on the Fridge routine seems to be working well. There's a relief that I don't have to spontaneously figure something out at 3pm every day which is wholly unexpected, but very welcome. It's nice to know that all I have to do is go shopping for a meal which (due to some level of preapproval) has a quite good chance of being well-received, instead of "fret for hours, produce dinner idea from my ass, hope that it's a good one, then go purchase ingredients which may or may not be appreciated."

For people interested in going to StL Ren Faire!

This is an open invitation - if you think it sounds nifty (and it is) shoot me an email. I'll try to keep a mass email going re: plans.

The website's here, at StLRenFaire.com. It runs from May 17th to June 8th.

How does Saturday, May 31st sound to everyone?

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We have a house!

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:55:45 AM

We've called the parents already about this, so it's free game for the rest of the world: We've got a house! Finally.

Granted, we only went out looking for 2 weekends; the second time we'd dropped the price range in which we were searching, and that yielded the one we've got. The sellers didn't negotiate at all; it'd been on the market for almost 10 months and we think they really wanted to get out. Honestly, I could blabber on about it for awhile, but it seems sort of silly to. Right now I'm just smothered under the weight of the idea of packing all my books up again...sigh. Plus, it's a really crappy tornado-warning sort of day, and I'm feeling depressed and blah. Going on for paragraphs about wall colors and kitchen tiling doesn't seem to fit the mood. Suffice to say, we're happy with it, and glad to be getting out of apartment living.

I got my ring rhodium-plated yesterday, and it looks stunning. Since plating is a temporary solution at best, we're looking into getting a replica of it cast in white gold, when I get my wedding ring made. I talked with a jeweler yesterday and was incredibly impressed by both his work and his ideas for the wedding ring, so I'm considering that checked off the ToDo list.

What a year, hmm? I keep waiting to feel nervous, penned-in and uncomfortable, and it's not happened yet. I'm halfway between really believing that everything is good, and mentally waiting for the mythical Other Shoe to drop. Dan and I were talking about it last night, as a matter of fact... the consensus is that we're pretty stable people who have a good talent for talking things out before they become a problem, and we have a total incapacity to stay upset with the other person for more than 45 minutes or so. Those being the case, the likelihood of a mental switch flipping, thus making us both casually miserable as a matter of routine, is really low and only thing that'll cure this feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop is Time. Of which we've got a lot.

Iowa this weekend; we've got a new niece as of sometime last evening (well, almost 'we') so we're going up on Thursday after work and coming back Saturday afternoon. I have to work (Superbowl) Sunday morning; with any luck nothing will break too badly and we'll be able to crash at someone's house to enjoy the game.

zomg, GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:02:29 PM

The Great House Hunt has begun; we may have found something, but need to see whether the other side's realtor will play ball or whether they've already had a better offer. I'm trying to remain level-headed. A lot of shit's topsy-turvy lately, or seems that way when looked at from a distance. I was thinking where I was, life-wise, a year ago.. and it was a hell of a lot different than my life is now! Going from single, apartment, NY to engaged, house, MO is a bit of a lot to ask oneself to grasp. It's kind of like looking down when you're a long ways up...one foot up or down doesn't seem like such a long distance, and the foot after that doesn't seem so bad either, but the whole 2,000 feet is a dizzying height.

The answer, obviously, is "Don't look down," but that seems a bit simplistic. I'm trying to file "owning a house" under the category of things which Need To Be Done, rather than as yet another major life-changing event. It's not that I have second thoughts about any one thing in particular, but that I kind of wonder at my ability to handle it all without developing mental stress fractures.

A large part of it is that I've never been terribly good at de-stressing. Escaping, yes - in the form of shutting myself up with various books, computer games, etc, but never really de-stressing. I think that might be a necessary skill in the coming year or two...

Still raiding with Murder by Numbers, and up to my ears in apron sewing. That's proving a nice distraction, although I'm recognizing the signs of "I need to get this shit finished -now-, because I'm rapidly approaching the end of my sewing attention span and if it's not finished in a day or so, it's going to get left in the pile of half-completed projects." Gotta love it.

Last note - I've got a wedding dress. Probably. We'll see if it fits.


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