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This is how it works: OpenID means that rather than doing the authenticating here myself, as well as making you remember yet another username and password, I am going to trust certain websites to do the authentication for me. You tell me here what website you are currently logged into on this computer, and all I have to do is ask that website whether or not you're telling the truth. If they confirm that you're logged in, I assume that you are who you say you are, and voila! If you have any trouble, give me a shout- laura**cybermenology**com - replace ** with @ and . in the appropriate places.

Enter your OpenID URL. It should be in the form Not every website that you log into is an OpenID server. If you do not have an OpenID, and LiveJournal are two popular free OpenID providers.*

* As far as I'm aware, MySpace is not yet an OpenID provider. You can check their wiki page for more information. I realize that this sucks. Contact them to tell them to get off their collective ass and start implementing a good idea!

This login system uses the PHP OpenID library ( ported from Python OpenID library ) in dumb mode. This will confirm that you own the URL typed below; that it is your identity URL. Please note that any posts or comments left here under your URL will be perceived as also belonging to you, so it is important that you not leave yourself logged in to your OpenID server (i.e. LiveJournal) on public computers, or in places where others may be able to take advantage of your URL.